How Can Shower Cause Water Damage in Your Home

How Can Shower Cause Water Damage in Your Home 29 Oct

Water damage from showers is very common in households. Unfortunately, they are the worst nightmares that may have come true in each and every home. Water damage can happen from a various range of places that many of them cannot even be expected. Often comes in from a leak in the ceiling, can be seen seeping out from the walls. Even the water can raise in the basement of your home too. The shower water damage might occur due to the habits in the bathroom that you fallow or due to the faulty installations. The shower water damage can also happen due to the issues during the plumbing o if the plumber might not have fixed the faulty connection right in the past. Let’s look into the details of how the water damage from the shower may occur.

2 Causes of Shower Water Damage

1. Faulty Installation

Very often in the bathrooms, we use shower curtains rather than a door that can allow water to escape and drip onto the floor due to the curtains. This problem can be fixed by moving the bar that holds the curtain further inward into the shower or by making sure that after you start the water, always make sure that the curtain is pressed against the wall so that no water leaves the shower.

2. Your Bathroom Habits

If you are taking showers too long and having a shower with the water whose temperature is too high. You should be knowing that this habit of yours is also one of the reason causing water damage within the home. When the water is too hot, the steam and condensation will build up along the walls which will cause water to collect and drip down on the floor or seep into the walls, floors as well as the ceilings.

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

  1. You can prevent Water Damage from Shower with some very simple precautions because precaution is always better than cure.
    Check the installations of your home very regularly and if you have any faulty installations.
  2. Limit the amount of pressure that is falling on your pipes to avoid premature stress.
  3. Decrease the amount of time that you take for the shower as well as the temperature of the water. Result in water does not seep into the walls and no moulds are formed due to excess pressure.
  4. There might be internal damages which might not be seen to our eyes that can cause shower water damage.

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Contact a professional every once a year or for every six months because they might heck all the problems. If any can resolve them too. To know more about water damage and their prevention call Toms Water Damage Prevention Service providers – Melbourne on 1300 068 194.

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