5 Common Causes of Home Flooding

Home flooding is experienced by homeowners in Melbourne, Australia. However, the reasons may vary. There may be several causes of flooding. Finding your home filled with water is devastating. Flooding at home causes a lot of damage to both the house and property. If the flooding is too much to handle, you may even need to call a flood restoration specialist in Melbourne.

Five Most Common Causes of Indoor Flooding

Weather Conditions

Weather and climate changes are things that no homeowner can control. Sudden unexpected rainfall, snow, or melting of ice accumulated on the roof can result in water entering your house through small cracks or damage that goes unnoticed. A change in weather may happen even if you live in a non-flood-prone zone. In case of a change in weather, all homeowners can do is be prepared to tackle flooding if it occurs. It is best to have the contact number of a trusted and reliable flood restoration specialist hand to minimise flood damage.

Broken Pipes

Bursting pipes at home during the winter is a common issue. Pipes may also break due to erosion. To avoid flooding problems due to broken pipes, it is essential to replace faulty pipes immediately. Regular maintenance of pipes is important. As a homeowner, if you see a broken water pipe, turn off the main water valve immediately. A broken or cracked pipe can cause serious flooding problems within minutes. If the flooding due to a broken pipe is too much to handle, you may definitely need the help of a flood restoration specialist.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom are common. It is one of the main causes of flooding at home. A lot of stuff goes down the drain and slowly starts accumulating with time. The drains get clogged, while the pipes may swell and eventually burst or break. If you encounter a drain backflow, don’t overlook it or take it lightly. Otherwise, you may require a flood restoration specialist in Melbourne if there is a flood and your home suffers significant water damage.


We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Turning on the water to realise you’ve forgotten something important, the doorbell rings, or you receive a phone call. By the time you remember, water has probably overflowed into the bedroom or even the hall.

Malfunctioning Appliances

The fault may be in the appliances or in their electric connections. A faulty water heater, dishwashing machine, washing machine, or air conditioner can flood your home with water. Hence, regular maintenance and servicing are essential. If you notice a leak, a water supply problem, or any fault with an appliance, it is important to get it repaired or replaced immediately. Otherwise, you may need to contact a flood restoration specialist to clean things due to the flood water.

House floods are becoming more common not just in Australia, but in other countries around the world as well. Thankfully, you have a flood restoration specialist in Melbourne to handle house flooding and professionally clean the area and things at home affected by the flood water.

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