In 5 Easy Steps Learn How to Clean Water Damaged Carpet

In 5 Easy Steps Learn How to Clean Water Damaged Carpet 29 Sep

After cleaning the carpet, it should be dried quickly in a professional way. If not dried properly, it may become tough for Water Damaged Carpet Restoration. If the carpets are left saturated, the mold forms issue seen in the damaged carpets. People should take care of such type of damage to avoid further problems like mold. Take help from the professionals if the water damage is not restored.

You can take proper guidance from Water Damaged Carpet Restoration technicians for best results. They provide the best facilities and equipment which we are not able to see from our naked eyes. If the damage is not restored on time, then water can leave permanent stains or cause an unpleasant odor in the house. It can also affect directly on an individual’s health residing in the house. It can become a breeding ground for insects and germs if it is not properly ventilated. Some microscopic mold flies in the air and causes skin allergies, respiratory problems, and other health-related problems. We have listed some steps for Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Melbourne which are given below:

5 Easy Steps Learn How to Clean Water Damaged Carpet

1. Open Doors and Windows for Air Circulation

Water Damaged Carpet restoration is a lengthy but effective process. Open all the windows and doors to dry up the air naturally and minimize the chances for the mold to grow. If the water has been saturating from rainwater or tap water then it can be restored depending on the carpet quality.

2. Stop Leakage Water

If the water has been continuously flowing from the tap water or other sources then take necessary steps to stop the flow. Call the plumber and fix the leakage in the tap as soon as possible. If the water is coming from the ground then ask for the help from your contractor and before beginning the work.

3. Call Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent and ask them for a help in replacement of the carpet. Before investing your own money, know the company’s policy and what help they can provide you.

4. Carpet Bleaching

If your carpets can be restored then make sure to disinfect it by making a solution of 2 tablespoons of liquid bleach and 1 gallon of clean water. Remove the furniture from the floor and scrub the carpet thoroughly. Cut the carpet and padding by using a utility knife or box cutter and remove the padding.

5. Let it Dry

Once the carpet is soiled, let it dry for 24 hours. Switch on the fans or place movable fans to dry the carpet naturally.

If you want to hire a professional for water damage carpet cleaning in melbourne then contact Toms Water Damage Cleaning Melbourne service providers on 1300 068 194 to get same day, on-site carpet cleaning and restoration services.

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