5 Tips to Prevent Carpet Mould Occurrence after Water Damage

If your house has been impacted by a flood or any sort of water leakage anywhere at home, emergency water damage restoration is crucial. Carpets are usually the first victim of water damage. If carpets in your home have been damaged by water, you need to take some quick steps yourself or get the help of professional water damage carpet cleaners in Melbourne to restore them else it may get mould and mildew. Mould growth on carpets is common after flooding and water damage, which can permanently damage the carpet.

Some Useful Tips to Prevent Carpet Mould After Water Damage

1. Remove Water Immediately

Moulds thrive in damp and humid conditions. They require water to grow and spread rapidly across the carpet. Carpet mould can usually grow within 24–48 hours of the availability of water. Hence, it is essential to remove water as soon as possible. If the amount of water accumulated in your home is less, you can make use of a standard dry-wet vacuum. However, if the water is too much, you will need the help of water damage restoration specialists. They have specialised equipment that can draw out the excess water quickly.

 2. Drying the Wet Carpet

Just like it is important to get rid of water early, drying the carpet quickly is essential to avoid carpet mould growth. In order to speed up the drying process, you can keep the windows open and turn on the fans. For faster drying of the wet carpet, you can also use a carpet dryer. Even if you are going to take the help of professional water damage carpet cleaners in Melbourne, it is a good practice to remove excess wetness before they come to restrict the growth of mould.

 3. Use a Dehumidifier for Faster Results

A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the carpet and is a great way to dry the carpet quickly. If the amount of water in the carpet is too much, a water damage specialist can help dry the carpet thoroughly, thus saving your carpet from mould growth.

 4. Replace the Carpet Padding

If the carpet padding has been in contact with water for a long time, it needs to be replaced. While the carpet may appear to be fine externally, there may be a possibility that mould and mildew spores are present in the padding. It is much easier and cheaper to replace just the carpet padding than the entire carpet at home.

5. Steam Clean the Carpet

Carpet steam cleaning is a deep-cleaning method that you can use once you are sure that the carpet is not damaged in any way by water. Steam cleaning is an effective way to pull out the dirt and debris from the carpet. It also ensures that the carpet is properly sanitised and deodorised so that it doesn’t allow the growth of mould spores.

If you are facing a problem in cleaning carpets that are wet with water due to flooding or water leakage, assistance from professional water damage carpet cleaners in Melbourne is recommended.

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