6 Measures to Prevent Flood Damage Through Flood Mitigation

6-Measures to Prevent Flood Damage Through Flood Mitigation

When water over falls during certain months of the year, cities on river banks experience Flood Water Damage in Melbourne. Such natural calamities are unavoidable and hence the only way to pre-prepare yourself for any such threats. Flood Mitigation is an effective way to stay prepared and protect yourself if you’re staying in a flood-prone area. Let’s know a little more about flood mitigation in the sections below:

What is a Flood Mitigation?

It includes all the techniques that can help in reducing the damage possibly due to flooding. Flood Mitigation techniques can be both structural and non-structural. While nobody can stop rains and flooding of rivers, flood mitigation can prove to be really helpful in reducing the damages caused by floods.

What Is Structural Flood Mitigation?

As the name suggests, this technique involves the construction of structures or buildings which can direct the flood water away from the buildings or any place to reduce the water damage. It involves the following options:

1. Constructing infrastructures like dams, levees, bridges and culverts

These structural solutions can be of great help in rescuing and mitigating the population in bulk by storing or redirecting the excess river water and keeping the place in the low-risk zone.

2. Infrastructure Maintenance

Maintaining the infrastructure is also important. It is essential to get repair the existing creeks and stormwater drainage systems to maintain the smooth hydraulic performance of the drains. This can be very helpful in mitigating the impact of floods in smaller zones with more frequent flooding.

3. Improved Traffic Aces

In a situation of risk, it is imperative to mitigate people by promoting them to shift from the risk zone. In such situations, smooth connecting roads are a great saviour.

What is Non-Structural Flood Mitigation?

Non-Structural Flood Mitigation are a set of mitigation and/or adaptation measures that are to be taken to reduce the damage prior to the flood, without influencing the current of the flood event. It is to note that they do not make use of traditional structural flood defence measures. Given under are some of the ways to carry forward non-structural mitigation:

1. Early Warning Systems

Prior warnings can help people in staying alarmed and ready to fight any worse that can come up. Hence, a prior warning must be issued timely to ensure public safety and security.

2. Building And Development Controls

Proper controls must be executed in designing buildings for areas prone to flooding. The issued measures must be strictly followed and taken care of while constructing new homes.

3. Inspection

Also, a regular inspection and repair of older properties must be done from time to time to avoid any demolishes, property damage and accidents.

Though floods cannot be avoided proper management and mitigation can prove to be really helpful in reducing damages that can be caused by them or to ensure easy water damage repair.

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