Can Your Wet Carpet Be Saved?

One day, your lovely new custom-coloured carpet will be complementing your living space. After a flash flood, your expensive house investment is a drenched, soggy mess sitting under six inches of water. As you rush to locate a carpet drying service near you and your repair professional’s phone number, you ponder nervously, “Can my water-damaged carpet be saved?”

Carpets, as we all know, can be an expensive purchase. The good news is that wet carpets may often be rescued, depending on mitigating factors such as the age and condition of the carpet, as well as by following proper restoration processes.

The first priority is to get to work as soon as possible. Examining the following factors will help you determine if your wet carpet can be salvaged:

Determine The Source and The Type of Water

Identifying the source of the flood or leak quickly determines the extent of recovery for your carpet.

Water is classified into three categories by restoration professionals based on its level of contamination:

Clean Water

This water comes from non-hazardous sources, such as rain or water supply lines like pipes or sinks.

Grey Water

A more significant issue than clean water is the presence of toxins that can potentially cause illness. Grey water sources include sump-pump failures and backflow from dishwashers and washing machines. Water-damaged carpets exposed to grey water can typically be saved after removing the affected pad.

Black Water

Blackwater, the most severe form of flood contamination, comprises bacteria and viruses and poses a considerable health risk to humans. Carpet cleaners advise removing and disposing of entire carpets and pillows that have been submerged in black water.

Determine the Length of Time the Carpet was Exposed to Water

Once again, quick action is required to save the water-damaged carpets. The state of the water in the carpet, as well as the carpet, might deteriorate over time. Grey water-damaged carpet may typically be repaired if it has been soaked for less than 48 hours.

However, if grey water is not treated properly and fast, pollution levels can escalate and degrade to black water. Other factors, such as stale air and room temperature, might aggravate the condition of the water and carpet. Remember that the longer carpet remains wet in contaminated water, the faster mould grows in the carpet.
What are the carpet’s age and pre-flood condition?

Replacing old and worn carpet that has been flooded may be the most practical solution. Toms water damage cleaning specialist will inspect your carpet and assist you in determining its value based on industry standards.

Take Away

The origin of the flood and the length of time the carpet is wet influence whether or not your carpet is entirely ruined. Not only would having to replace your carpet be inconvenient, but it might also be pricey. Can you imagine how frustrated you would be if you had spent so much money and time perfecting your new basement only to have it wrecked by a flood?

The best method to find out if your wet carpet may be rescued is to have a professional water damage restoration company assess and analyze the condition. If you live in Melbourne, Australia or the surrounding suburbs, you can rely on Toms Water Damage Carpet Cleaning specialists to provide trustworthy, dependable, and efficient restoration services.

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