Flood Damage Cleaning

How to Protect Your Home from Flooding?

How to Protect Your Home from Flooding? At Toms Cleaning, we understand the importance of safeguarding your home from potential flooding risks. Flooding can cause significant damage to your property and belongings, leading to emotional and financial distress. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with expert advice and actionable tips to help protect […]


Negative Impacts of Water Damages in your Homes

Have you ever had water damage in your home? And you believe it’s just water, nothing much to worry about? You are mistaken. Water damage, just like fire, can put your home in peril. To understand the need to hire a professional water damage restoration company, you must first understand the most severe consequences of […]


What Should You Do if Your Office is Flooded?

Perhaps a flooded office is the worst thing for any business owner. What if your office is filled with flood water? As a business owner, you have the daunting task of first cleaning up and then repairing the damage that has occurred. Not just this, but you also have to handle the disruption of business […]


5 Common Causes of Home Flooding

Home flooding is experienced by homeowners in Melbourne, Australia. However, the reasons may vary. There may be several causes of flooding. Finding your home filled with water is devastating. Flooding at home causes a lot of damage to both the house and property. If the flooding is too much to handle, you may even need […]


Avoid Electrical Hazards While Cleaning Flooded Basement

A slight drizzle may soon turn out to be a heavy downpour, leaking pipes, or washing machine overflow, which you may deal with the basement flooding soon. As a homeowner, water damage is not the only thing that you have to deal with. There may be electrical risks too, in the event of a flooded […]


What Should You Do If Your Basement Has Flooded?

Basement floods are common in Australia. Flooded basement water removal is not easy. If done incorrectly, it causes severe damage to your home. You must act quickly before mould begins to grow and exacerbates the problem. Basement flooding can damage your belongings and pose several health hazards and risks. Common Causes of Basement Flooding Heavy […]


Top 5 Facts About Residential Flooding and Flood Damage

A flood is a natural calamity that destroys residential homes and businesses worth millions of dollars in Australia. Even Australian homeowners who don’t live near the sea, ocean, or any other body of water can experience the dangerous situation of flooding. Residential flooding causes major damage to property. Even though Australia is a dry continent, […]


Why Should You Hire Flood Restoration Specialist in Melbourne

Natural calamities like floods and storms can result in a loss of property and cause tremendous damage. People living in Australia are quite vulnerable to natural calamities. Water accumulation at your home after flooding can cause devastating structural damage and may also serve as a perfect growth environment for bacteria, fungi, mould, and other disease-causing […]


Does Water Damage Carpet Need Replacement?

Water damage is a nightmare for any homeowner. Rainstorms, overflowed bathtubs, burst pipes, or whatever the reason is, water damage in the house can spoil many things and carpets are the first victim. Mould and mildew start forming and growing in the carpet to spoil its appearance and permanently damage it. This requires you to […]


How to Choose a Flood Damage Restoration Company

There are many reasons that can result in a water flood in the house. In such a situation, you must act promptly to reduce damages. It is not possible to handle it all alone, thus you have to take the help of a flood damage restoration company. There are many companies that offer flood damage […]

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