Water Damage

Does Mold Have an Odor in Carpet?

Dealing with Mould at home can be a bit tricky. You might spot it with its fuzzy look and different colors, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Mould can actually give itself away by how it smells. That distinct odor is like a signal, telling you it’s time to do something before […]


5 Types of Water Damage and How to Fix Them

Water damage is a common problem that many homeowners face. It can cause significant damage to your property and belongings, if not addressed promptly. Let’s explore five common types of Water damage can occur in a home due to various reasons and know how to fix them, if you are dealing with damp floors, water […]


What Should You Do in Case of Water Damage in Walls?

Water damage in walls is a disastrous concern for most homeowners in Australia. If you discover water damage in walls, one of the first things you should do is take immediate action. Any possible delay may make things worse and even cause damage to the structure of your house. Most Common Causes of Water Damage […]


How To Handle Water Damaged Wooden Floors?

Wooden floors made of natural timber are a preferred choice for Australian homeowners because they are beautiful and long-lasting when properly maintained. Hence, it is important to deal with a water damaged wooden floors as early as possible. The longer the delay, the greater the possibility of long-term damage, so act fast while dealing with […]


7 Ways to Prevent Water Damage While You Are Away

Discovering water damage in your home when you come back from a short trip or a long vacation with family and loved ones is a nightmare. Of course, you can hire water damage restoration specialists to get things cleaned up, but “prevention is better than cure”. Here are some useful measures that can help prevent […]


5 Essential Tips for Drying Wet Carpets

If there is a leak in your home or flood water has entered your property, things can get quite messy. Moreover, if the water has seeped into the carpet then drying is a bigger headache for many homeowners. The question arises — should I hire a professional for carpet cleaning or a water damage restoration […]


How to Save Carpet and Pad after a Flood

Flood damage at home can prove to be really expensive for homeowners. It is essential to act quickly for water damage restoration to prevent any major loss or expensive repairs. Flooded carpet and pad cleaning can be uncomfortable and a headache if you decide to do it yourself. The other option of replacing the entire […]


3 Common Water Damage Categories

The most common types of property damage encountered by homeowners are water damage. Protecting your home from water damage is not an easy task. It involves a lot of research and awareness about different categories of water damage. Of course, you may also need some help from water damage restoration specialists if damage control is […]


5 Negative Effects of Water Damage in Your Home

Most people would be tempted to believe that water damage to the home is no big deal and ignore the negative effect of water damage. It’s only water, after all. ‘Water damage is not as simple as it appears to be. Water damage repairs can interfere with your everyday routine and result in more out-of-pocket […]


5 Useful Tips for Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair due to flood water or water leakage at home is not an easy task to handle. After the damage has been done, it is time for you to assess the damage and go for water damage restoration. Taking a decision between performing water damage repair on your own or hiring an expert […]

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