How to Save Carpet and Pad after a Flood

How to Save Carpet and Pad after a Flood

Flood damage at home can prove to be really expensive for homeowners. It is essential to act quickly for water damage restoration to prevent any major loss or expensive repairs. Flooded carpet and pad cleaning can be uncomfortable and a headache if you decide to do it yourself. The other option of replacing the entire carpet and pad is quite expensive. When flood damage happens at home, the carpets and pads get contaminated with sewage, debris, and microbes. It may pose a threat to your health and damage the objects in your home, too.

Whether flooded carpet cleaning can make it possible to save the flood-damaged carpet or pad all depends on the type of water that caused the flooding.

Source of Floodwater

Flooding from Clean Water

If the carpet or pad has soaked in clean water, i.e., rainwater or from a burst pipe, water damage restoration may be possible to save them. Since clean water is not mixed with contaminants, it can be simply dried out by creating natural air circulation in the house. You can also go for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, which will involve the use of dehumidifiers and vacuums.

Flooding from Grey or Black Water

If the carpet was flooded due to grey or black water that has contaminants like microbes and toxins. It would be a wise decision to discard it.

Duration for which the Carpet or Pad was Flooded

If the carpet or pad at your home was soaked for less than 48 hours in clean water without any contaminants, you can probably clean them yourself or opt for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

If the carpet or pad in your home was wet for 48 hours, regardless of the source of flood water damage, removal and replacement are recommended. This is because the carpet has been soaked for such a long time in the water.

Get Professional Help for Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Professional carpet cleaning is a much better and more effective solution than cleaning the carpet yourself. Flooded carpet cleaning by professionals increases the chances of saving the carpet.

Professionals have powerful cleaning and drying equipment. Which can sanitise and dry the carpet to restore it to its original condition. Whichever option you choose, flood water-damaged carpet cleaning must begin immediately without any delay.

Every flooded carpet and pad situation is different. If you are uncertain whether the flood water-damaged carpet or pad can be saved or not, it is best to take the help of a company offering professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne. The company will help restore the carpet or pad to its original form with more advanced equipment for cleaning and restoration.

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