Why Do You Need Professionals for Water Damage Carpet Restoration

Water Damage carpet restoration

If you haven’t cleaned wet carpets on your own yet, you might think that drying water from carpets is an easy job, but it is not. With sharp body aches, it will also bring odour to your home, not considering the fact that of inefficient cleaning. Here we give you all the help you need for drying carpet after water damage carpet restoration and water damage assessment.

How Our Professionals Do Water Damage Assessment

Tom’s Water Damage Cleaning Melbourne professionals use specialised moisture calculating monitors to know the water saturation levels in your carpets and the extent of the damage. They also determine if the water damage is from contaminated or clean sources of water. After that, they design an appropriate water damage carpet restoration program. And also with our expert assessment, we let you know what to do and when.

Our qualified wet carpet drying cleaning Melbourne technicians will analyse your target situation and will develop a customised water damage carpet restoration program. Also, our technicians will ask you to take only those services that you need. If we believe you should not remove your wet carpet and have it replaced, instead just get it dry cleaned by us and get it as good as new or nearly as good (depending on the type of water damage). After that we also tailor solutions for you in accordance to the following types:

  • Type of Water Contamination
  • Amount of Water Contamination
  • Fabric Of Your Carpet

Here is How Our Water Damage Carpet Restoration Professionals Carry Out Water Extraction

Our professionals use specialised hot water extraction techniques aided by high-end machines for quickly drying carpets after water damage. This method is effective in removing water so that your carpets are not flooded for a long duration. It is important to know that the longer your carpet is saturated with water more likely you will end up with secondary issues relating to mildew and mould. Drying carpets after delayed water extraction could also lead to result in water leaking up in walls and soaking into the floor beneath the carpet, this will cause more damage that could be exorbitant.

Here is what you should not do for water extraction from carpets and call professionals. Using bathroom towels to soak up water from the carpets would be ineffective and moreover lead to problems of mould and mildew. You should also not use a vacuum cleaner to remove water from your wet carpet as that could be very dangerous.

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