5 Commonly Asked Questions About Water Damage

questions about water damage

Water damage is something that you would never want your house to get affected with. Dealing with water damage in Melbourne is really a traumatic experience. So to act urgently against this kind of damage you need to understand the nature of it. There are questions that loom in our minds often when it comes to water damage. Let’s discuss questions about water damage:

What are the Sources of Water Damage?

Long before you actually think of water damage restoration you need to get to the heart of the problem. There is a variety of ways through which water can enter your house. Foundation leaks, burst pipes, roof leaks, failure in appliances or just poor drainage around your house may lead to water damage. Sewage backups can also turn out to be problematic. Then there are natural disasters, thundershowers and floods that can become troublesome.

What are the Dangers of Water Damage?

Water soaks through anything with which it comes into contact. Thus contaminated liquid will be the perfect breeding ground for a variety of microbes, deadly viruses and bacteria. This can become deadly. Unchecked mould will spread quickly releasing spores in the air. Regular inhalation of such air can cause health complications. Respiratory infections, nausea, fatigue etc might develop. On the other hand, if water is present for an extended period of time, wood will begin to swell. The wooden floor may buckle and warp due to this. Eventually, it will begin to rot. A wet floor can damage your electric equipment; can lead to shock or even ignition of a fire.

What are the Common Effects of Water Damage?

There are many. Property can be ruined, its value decreased, the structure of the house affected, and remedy can turn out to be quite expensive. On the other hand, water damage affects paint and wallpaper, carpets; even your wooden floor can rot.

How is the Water Problem Handled by Technicians?

There are some common approaches to address the issues with water problems or dealing with house water damage repair.  The first thing is to remove the materials that have been contaminated. It may be anything – fabric, upholstery, wood, iron and much more. Once these are cleared and the standing liquid pumped out, the next thing is to dry and disinfect the affected area. This might be time-consuming. While drying, technicians would be on the lookout for remaining mould or microbes. These will also be cleared.

Can I Fix the Damage Myself?

If it is a small amount of water you may try it out by wiping or drying it. But in case of major damage, it is advised to call the specialists. Also, there are waters which you won’t be able to see. Thus the damage will remain slowly eating out your property. And of course, there is mould to consider.

Will Insurance Cover the Damage to the Property?

That depends on the source of the damage, like whether it is caused by a natural calamity. The Insurance Company will also look into the necessary precautions that you had taken. Thus it is important to submit the claim properly and effectively. It is important to notify your insurance company to decide on insurance coverage.

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