The First 5 Things You Need To Do For Water Damage Cleaning

Water Damage

Water damage cleaning is one of the biggest headaches for homeowners who mostly have no idea where to start with the whole cleaning process and get the damage control in check. The water damage which may have happened in your home or apartment is bound to cause a lot of trouble, you need to be proactive.

Damage caused by water is inevitable, as from floods to leaking faucets, water disruption the interior of your home as well as causes serious health issues.

To assist you with the whole cleaning process and start with the process of water damage repair, we have compiled a few tips for you in order to stop, repair as well as prevent water damage in your place.

1. Block The Source (If You Can)

In case of flooding of houses, the first thing you need to do is to block the source from where the water is coming. If the same has happened due to the bursting of a pipe or even a water heater failure in your apartment, the top priority would be to shut off the main water line in your home. If there has been major flooding, or you are unable to determine the source of the water, immediately call an expert so that he/she can sort out a solution for you.

2. Switch off the Main Power

In case your house is flooded, another precaution which you need to take is to cut off the electricity and gas supply in your home. In case of small leaks, this step isn’t necessary but if your house is flooded, make sure you turn off the supply in order to be safe.

You might also want to make sure of not handling any kind of electrical appliances as well unless you are properly insulated. In case you are supposed to stand in water to turn off the main electricity supply, consult an electrician first before doing anything.

3. Monitor the Damage

If you have successfully stopped the water now is the time for water damage repair. Before you start your cleanup process, make sure to determine if you can undo the damages to your home. Take a lot of photos of the damage and note down every small detail about the damage and documentation which you can further show to your insurance company. If the damages are more than you reckon you can manage call a water damage company.

4. Save Your Personal Valued Belongings

In case you are able to find any of the important items which you can salvage from the flooded area, try to recover them. Such kinds of items include money, jewellery, important documents and a few more items. However, don’t spend a lot of time in the extracting process.

5. Get Rid of the Standing Water

Standing water is vulnerable to a lot of insects and other aquatic parasites that can cause diseases. In case you are trying to salvage your home yourself, get rid of the water which has flooded your home because it is the only way to save yourself from diseases as well as save your belongings. Make sure you do not let the water stay stagnant in your home, start removing it as soon as you can.

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