Top 5 Facts About Residential Flooding and Flood Damage

A flood is a natural calamity that destroys residential homes and businesses worth millions of dollars in Australia. Even Australian homeowners who don’t live near the sea, ocean, or any other body of water can experience the dangerous situation of flooding. Residential flooding causes major damage to property. Even though Australia is a dry continent, floods occur in different parts almost every year. The main cause of floods in Australia is heavy rainfall, which makes the rivers full, resulting in overflow.

As an Australian homeowner, here are five facts about residential flooding and flood damage you should be aware of to take precautionary and damage control steps.

 1. Flood Water is Dangerous

Flood water is extremely dangerous as it is contaminated with sewage water, pollutants, contaminants, and harmful chemicals. Flood water being fast-moving can make you fall if you try to walk through it. It is best to stay indoors and avoid contact with flood water. Eating or drinking anything contaminated by flood water can result in gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhoea. If flood water enters your house, it is best to get rid of that water immediately or as soon as possible. You may even seek help from professional water damage restoration experts to remove the water to save your household items from getting permanently damaged.

 2. A flood Can Happen Anywhere at Any Time without Any Prior Warning

Flash floods may occur anywhere if it rains continuously for an extended period of time. It is important to stay prepared at home with an emergency kit, especially, during severe weather conditions.

 3. Basic Home Insurance Policies Do Not Cover Flood Damage

Do you think that your home insurance policy can protect you from the damage caused by floods by covering the cost of professional water damage restoration? Think again. Standard home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by floods. If you want to be protected from flood damage, you need to buy a flood insurance policy that covers the cost of flood damage restoration specialists.

4. Do Not Drive During Flooding

As little as six feet of flood water is enough for you to lose control of your vehicle. It is wise not to drive in areas where floods have happened. If you need to drive in flood water, you must be aware of the depth of the water and the road ahead. The fast-flowing flood water can damage your vehicle completely. It can even sweep off your vehicle from the road.

 5. Hire Flood Damage Restoration Specialists after Flooding

If you find your home flooded with water everywhere, it is essential to practise safe cleaning. Hiring residential flood damage restoration specialists will help remove the water as quickly as possible and dry out the carpet, furniture, etc. This can help prevent further damage to your house. Professional water damage restoration experts offer a range of services like water damage cleanup and decontamination of carpets, rugs, fabrics, and soft furnishings. They also specialise in odour removal.

If your house has been impacted by floods, it is important to stay calm and act quickly. To minimise further damage to your house by the accumulated water, call on 1300 068 194 for flood damage restoration specialists immediately. Follow these residential flooding facts to prevent water damage.

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