Water Damage Cleaning Brisbane

Water Damage Cleaning Brisbane

Toms water damage cleaning Brisbane service is well equipped to deal with all kinds of damages and derogatory effects caused by unwanted water leakage and flood water. With a highly skilled team of technicians loaded with state of the art cleaning and restoration equipments we can deliver the most satisfactory service to restore your home following any water damages caused to your home. We deliver prompt, expertise driven and highly skilled water extraction, cleaning and restoration service throughout Brisbane and other cities.

Here are some of the key highlights of our water damage cleaning Brisbane service.

  • We help you clean all water damaged and affected area and dehumidify the entire home to make your home free from the dampness.
  • We help you move your water submerged belongings to safe and dry areas before starting with our cleaning procedure.
  • We extract all contaminated water from the interior and other water logged areas before completely cleaning and drying the place.
  • Our trained experts and field supervisors continuously monitor the site and deliver prompt reports and guidance to the technicians besides undertaking communication tasks with the insurance provider and the back office.
  • As a water damage cleaning Brisbane we have dedicated and state-of-the-art wet carpet cleaning procedure to clean the carpets from all sorts of bacterial agents and to clean it thoroughly from dust mites and mould.
  • We also administer latest technology and time tested formula to help you restore the original colour of your carpets following such damages.
  • After dehumidifying the entire place completely we apply quality room deodorants and fresheners to make the home smell fresh.
  • We as the water damage cleaning Brisbane service ensure optimum cleanliness, sanitation and a completely dry atmosphere.

Repairing and restoration.

Severe water damage caused by flood or water leakage can make you think that the damaged furniture and interior may no longer be recovered and restored to its earlier condition. But as one of the most sought after water damage repair company Brisbane offers, we can restore your damaged home and other interior elements to a great extent.

Advanced tools and equipments

We use highly sophisticated and advanced equipments to endure fast paced and effective completion of tasks. We make sure that the equipments used in the process have superior ability in moisture and water extraction.

Experienced and skilled technicians

For our cleaning and restoration procedure we hire highly trained, skilled and experienced technicians well-versed with the process and the proper use of the high tech equipments.

Cleanliness guaranteed

Enduring optimum customer satisfaction remains our prime objective and we leave no option untested for doing so. We guarantee the best cleaning with completely dehumidified, dry and sanitised atmosphere after the completion of our cleaning procedure.

Toms water damage restoration process

We take complete responsibility of the restoration, cleaning and repair work for addressing the damages caused by rain and flood water or regular damages caused by water leakages. From ensuring complete peace of mind with our restoration and cleaning work to giving you assurance of restoring your valuables to the same condition as before, you can depend on our cleaning process to the optimum level.

Let us explain the key steps in the restoration and cleaning procedure we undertake for our homes.

Post damage inspection

We conduct a thorough post damage inspection and assessment to measure the extent of damage along with the interior level of humidity including that of walls, carpets, underlay and sub flooring. We also assess the safety precautions needed for the cleaning process.

Water extraction

At the second phase, we extract around 80-90 % water deposits that being stagnant has become the source of the damage. By following the safety and industry standards we undertake drying and dehumidifying procedure.

Dehumidifying entire home

After the water extraction and drying up of water submerged and wet areas of the home we also undertake dehumidifying the entire house including the walls, furniture, carpets, underlay, sub-flooring, etc. With this procedure of applying dehumidifier we ensure dry and sanitised atmosphere for the entire house instead of any particular area. Unless, the damage is absolute and irreparable we ensure restoring the wet carpets and water damaged floors to their earlier condition.

Re-stretching the dry carpets

Now that your carpets have become completely dried and sanitised through the drying and dehumidifying procedure it is time to stretch them properly to ensure covering the floor area just the way it had done earlier. The carpets are re-stretched to their regular condition once they are completely dried up.

Steam cleaning and deodorising

We also undertake steam cleaning procedure once they are completely dried up of the contaminated water. By deodorising and steam cleaning we restore the carpets to their earlier condition with regular look, feel and sanitised state.

Would you like to know more about our water damage cleaning services in Brisbane? Just drop us a message and we are going to engage with you at the earliest.

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