Tom's Water Damage Cleaning

about water damage cleaning

Toms Water Damage Cleaning is professional service provider of Water damage cleaning and Flood Damage Cleaning, operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and surrounding areas within 70km. We’re emergency 24/7 response specialists, providing property cleanup, repair and restoration services to properties damaged by water leakage and flooding for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Using specialist leak detection, damp mapping, and water damage survey tools, from thermal imaging, ultrasound, and dew point calculators, to dehumidifiers and desiccant driers, we aim to investigate damp, find your leaks, diagnose your water damage problems, and report upon problems both internally and externally. We also offer full water damage repair and water damage restoration services. We have highly educated and experienced professionals in these fields who can handle every situations in efficient manners.

For over 10 years, we have delivered best-in-class services, while our constant investment in our people, technology and equipment ensures that our solutions are proven, repeatable, environmentally sustainable, results-oriented and cost-effective.

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