How To Repair Basement Flooding Caused Due To Underground Water?

Basement Flooding

Though the winter is over, there are still weather conditions that are a high concern. There might be a great amount of threat to the property due to rising levels of water resulting from heavy rainfall. Thus, it is necessary to keep preventive actions handy. The basement flooding situations are one of the greatest reasons that cause of damage to a house. In such situations, immediate help must be sought regarding water damage cleaning. There are a few things that you must know regarding groundwater flooding and basement flooding solutions.

What Groundwater Flooding Actually Is?

There are many people who are unaware of the actual reasons for groundwater flooding. The water level in the basement of a house is caused due to heavy rainfall and a rise in the water levels. Cracks in the foundation and the basement of a house allow the water to enter and flood the basement. One of the greatest tasks is to manage the flood water and diminish its impact on the house. Seepage in the basement can also result in flooding. In such condition, water enters the basement through the foundational cracks, cellar doors and windows that have been not sealed properly. Failure of the sump pump can also result in basement flooding. This occurs due to negligence in maintenance, power failure, poor insulation and defects.

What do you do if your basement is flooded?

  • Debris should not be allowed to accumulate in the gutters. You must also position the downspouts far from the house.
  • Basement waterproofing can be also done by inspecting the exterior foundation. The walls and floor of the basement must also be checked on a regular basis.
  • In order to ensure water damage cleaning, you must also keep the sump pump free from debris. In case the pump is a portable one it must be always connected to a source of power and positioned at the lowest point of the basement.
  • You must carry out regular cleaning inspections of the septic and sewer tank. The perfect time for such a task is the spring season.
  • If there are basement windows then window well covers must be attached to them.
  • The sump pump must be kept operational all the time. During situations of heavy rainfall, the pump must be connected to generators in case there is the situation of power failure.

Keeping the basement free from water is a very vital task as it determines the condition and hygiene of the house. All necessary measures must be kept handy to avoid flooding situations.

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